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  • 30 Day Guarantee - I want you to have very little risk with this purchase. I am so confident it will be the best course on growing your coaching business that you have ever purchased, I will personally refund you if you are unhappy with the results. 
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  • 35 page results manual ($1200 Value)
  • ​​28 Day meal plan & 4 Week grocery lists ($850 Value)
  • ​​Recipe book ($650 Value)
  • Challenge dashboard tool box ($2,950 Value)
  • 5 done-for-you workshops ($1,900 Value)
  • 25 social media posts ($275 Value)
  • 10 Immunity-Focused Video Scripts ($200 Value)
  • ​​29 facebook group discussion post templates ($650 Value)
  • 34 daily motivational challenge email templates ($1800 Value)
  • 60 text message templates ($550 Value)
  • 3 ready-to-use Google Forms ($650 Value)
  • ​​Amazon suggested prize list ($350 Value)

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Our Success Stories: 

The cool thing about having done this for multiple years is that we have so many testimonials. Here are some of our favorites...


"I’m so relieved to have found this program. As someone who just received my certification I didn’t know where to start to sign up clients. And I didn’t wanna go back to training at a big box gym.

The program gives me a step-by-step roadmap to launching a fitness challenge. And provides so much great Content that I can just pop into my email software, allowing me to put on my fitness challenge in just a few hours. Lots of my friends talked about how professional I looked as a personal trainer with this challenge!  

I have already signed up 2 to 3 people to my main private coaching with every challenge I’ve put on. And the number of sign ups is growing each time."


"I like that I feel I can differentiate myself from the crowded market of nutrition coaches. Before this I would only do sales calls and feel stressed that I had to be pushy to make the sale. Now I know I can build a relationship with the person and they will see how much value my coaching is to them. I can even see if the client isn’t right for me by having them go through the fitness challenge first. I like that all of the content is editable in Google documents. It was easy to get the challenge setup in just a day."


"I’m a veteran personal trainer. I’d like to think I know my stuff; however with the changing online social media Landscape, I started to feel like I had to be an Instagram famous trainer for people to see my value. So that has been frustrating. With Covid I also wanted a way to get clients online so that I have the freedom to travel and make my own schedule. By putting this on as an online challenge, I finally found a way to attract new clients online consistently. And now I can do it from my computer and still travel. It’s easy to set up. I like that there’s a lot of additional content like client handouts, social media posts, graphics to make all parts of putting on the challenge pretty easy."
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The cool thing about having done this for multiple years is that we have so many testimonials. Here are some of our favorites...


"I’m excited about this program because I’ve been looking for a way to attract clients online so I can finally focus on my training business full-time and not have to work for a gym. I actually had to take a break from my personal training business because the winter came, Covid hit, and my leads just dried up. I’ve already signed up four people by putting on this fitness challenge, and have a bunch of leads to follow up with. I've also increased my followers by a lot. I definitely recommend this program for any trainers looking to grow their training business."


"I really appreciate that the content is organized really clearly, with notes on what to customize. My challengers complement me that’s enjoyed reading the manual. They also liked the recipes. As a coach I’m staying on top of all of the challengers to help them see results, but all of the forms, emails and text messages that are written for me make it so much easier."

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